Reliability from Farm to Fork

  • Building relationships
  • Connecting community
  • Streamlining local food

WeGardn connects local food producers with wholesale food buyers. From purchasing to payment to planning, WeGardn streamlines local food, deepens relationships, adds consistency and opens up opportunity by bringing the market together - anywhere, anytime.

Restaurants & Grocers: Local Sourcing Simplified

QuickBooks Integration
Real Time Delivery Scheduling and Updates
In-App Communication
Market Insights

Food Producers: New Sales Platform

On-Delivery Payments
Inventory Management
Custom Sales Page
New Market Access

Why Local?

Consumers are 60% more likely to purchase a menu item from a restaurant if the farms name is listed. Better for the Environment, Economy, Public Health and Your Business

How It Works

WeGardn is a purchasing guru in your pocket. See local availability on demand in real time. See pictures, chat with suppliers, update orders, get notified of changes and track deliveries.
Already have a favorite food producer? No problem. WeGardn allows you to keep those relationships strong and ensure your sourcing is as efficient as possible. Seasonal or Fixed menu? Many of the listed products are available for repeat ordering, simply select the frequency and amounts and decrease your sourcing time to just a few seconds a week. The days of sorting through emails and PDFs are over.
Update inventory with pictures from your phone. Track and confirm upcoming orders. In-app message buyers for questions or changes. Delivery tracking notifications. Payment on delivery. Ability to lock in longer contracts with repeat buyers. Metrics, analytics and quickbooks plugin.

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