About Us 

WeGardn is your farm to table marketplace for everything local and fresh! Each purchase saves you time, reduces food waste and carbon emissions and supports small businesses and farmers in your own backyard.

WeGardn is based out of Old-Kensington and aims to empower local food producers with a new distribution opportunity through their online market place, delivering locally sourced fresh foods to consumers’ door step. The company prides itself on unparalleled quality, cost and convenience, and passing this on to the customer, delivering the highest quality meats, cheeses, produce and other products to consumers across the Philadelphia area.

Through use of predictive analytics, WeGardn is able to forecast individualized purchasing trends. This allows the company to increase food utilization, decreases food waste and maximizes profits for local farmers, while stimulating the local economy. WeGardn’s online marketplace empowers local producers and provides them with an alternative distribution model. Consumers benefits from WeGardn’s relationships with farmers across the Philadelphia region by gaining access to healthier, fresh foods, giving consumers the freedom from having to visit a crowded grocery store.

WeGardn is passionate about utilizing food as a vehicle for social impact. They aim to work within the community and become a fabric of the City of Philadelphia. The company is dedicated to providing high quality foods at an affordable price. The public health opportunity through nutrition is a core component of WeGardn’s reach and aims to support customers in the quest for a healthier lifestyle

WeGardn was launched to disrupt the large scale food and produce industry and provide a healthier, fresher option. We see food access as a vehicle for change especially in food desert regions, such as Philadelphia.